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DENTAL CROWN: Is the operation of reduction and coating of teeth in loss of material because of dental caries, breaks or for other reasons or for aesthetic reasons.

BRIDGE: Is the filling operation of intermediate voids in case of lack of one or more teeth, reducing the volume of the neighboring teeth and taking support of them. In case of tooth loss for any reason, the neighboring teeth begin to move to the space of the tooth extracted. Following this, gum problems, loss of bones related to overturning, malfunctions on the chewing line and aesthetic problems appear on the teeth. So these voids must be restored with implants or bridges.

DENTAL CROWNS AND BRIDGES FULL PORCELAIN: Reinforced porcelain or zirconium is used as an infrastructure instead of metal. As zirconium is a white infrastructure material, it gives very good results close to the natural appearance in aesthetic works.

+ As its substructure is not metallic, a dark color line does not appear at the level of the crown gum and a more aesthetic appearance appears.
+ In gingival recessions, integral porcelains retain their aesthetic appearance, but porcelains with metal substructures result an appearance with grayish reflection where the gingival recession will happen.
+ Zirconia do not cause an allergic reaction that can appear on certain materials (nickel) present in the metal infrastructures.

Areas of use of zirconium
+ In single-tooth dental crown restorations
+ In dental bridges on natural teeth
+ In bridge-crown restorations on implants

Method of preparation of the zirconia bridge-crown
The teeth of the patient for which the realization of a zirconium crown or bridge is decided, are prepared under anesthesia and the impression is taken carefully will be sent to the laboratory to obtain a model.
Temporary crowns will be made for the patient for its comfort during lab operations. The teeth cut on the obtained model will be scanned by the CAD system and the zirconium infrastructures will be obtained by milling the zirconium blocks on computerized machines.

Then the zirconia infrastructure will be sent to the doctor for testing. The doctor tests the zirconium infrastructure on the teeth and checks for the best adaptation with the teeth and gums. If there is no problem during the test, the choice of the color is made and the infrastructure will be sent back to the laboratory for carrying out porcelain superstructure operations. The laboratory apply the porcelain on the zirconium substructure according to the chosen color and the porcelain crown will be sent once again to the doctor to be tested.

This phase is called dental trial and at this stage, the compatibility of the crown with the teeth and gums, its morphological structures and its the dental occlusion will be checked and in the end, the crown will be returned to the laboratory for polishing. The laboratory will polish the porcelain following the modifications of the doctor will finish the work. Now the crown is ready to be cemented in the patient’s mouth.

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