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Sinus Lift

General Information about sinus lifting

sinusliftSinus lift is the procedure consisting of lifting the sinuses that are located on the premolars and molars of the upper jaw, and to make a bone graft to the space gained by the lifting. This procedure allows the doctor to solidify the bone and open a space in patients who have thin bones in this part of the jaw to put dental implants.


Why sinus lift?

Under normal conditions, the sinuses are located on the roots of the teeth. You can consider sinuses as a balloon filled with fluid. Following tooth extraction, with the effect of gravity, the sinus that was staying still because of the root, leans and takes the place of the bone after the tooth removal. If you stay toothless for a long time, you will continue to lose bone in this part of your jaw. After tooth extraction in the early years, the tooth loses 60% of its volume.


There are two types of sinus lifting.

  1. a) Internal Sinus Lift: If we have enough room to put implant with the help of a small sinus lifting, the sinus membrane will be lifted with special tools and the implant will be set in one session. For example if we have 6-7mm of natural bone and 2-3 mm sinus lifted, we can put an implant without grafting. And in this case, we can put the fixed prosthesis in 3 months. The installation of cemented prostheses will take 5 to 6 days (5 days for metal-ceramic crowns and 6 days for zirconia crowns). On the other hand, the producing and installation of all-on-4 prostheses requires 7 to 12 days.

 b) External Sinus Lift: If we have 5mm or less bone, we will have to open a small window on the sinus wall, with special tools the sinus will be lifted and the space gained will be filled with the bone graft. If the doctor thinks he can provide primary stability, in the same session the doctor can put the implant too. Otherwise the implants will be put in the next step after calcification of this section.

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