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Removable Prosthesis

General information about removable prostheses


stellite-dentaireThis type of dental prosthesis has a pink synthetic resin base to ensure consistency with the patient’s gums. On the resin base, there will be acryllic teeth embedded. This type of prosthesis is often used until the definitive solution like dental implant or dental bridge will be applied. They are also used to normalize bite occlusion, phonetics and chewing.

Other type of removable prosthesis


When the patient does not want dental implants or when dental implant is not possible due to the anatomic limitations, so that the patient can use a long time, by taking support of their natural teeth, we have to prepare them a comfortable prosthesis for him. This kind of prosthesis called "stellite" have metal base and acryllic teeth. Stellite prostheses will be attached to neighboring natural teeth with dental hooks.

b) Discrete Attachment 

For this type of dental prosthesis, the natural teeth must be prepared. After cutting these teeth, on the prosthesis, there will be special pieces. These pieces called anchor allows the doctor to stabilized the stellite. So the mobility of the prosthesis will be minimal and you will damage the pillar tooth less than with the stellites without anchor.

stellite-dentaire2Maintenance of removable prostheses and dental-satellite prostheses

To maintain the oral hygiene with the removable prosthesis, it is necessary to remove the prostheses and also to brush the teeth as before. As long as your removable prostheses are clean, you can sleep without hesitation. If you ever experience gum problems, until your gums heal, you can remove them one or two days before sleeping.

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