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Panoramic GraphyFREE
Tooth extraction for implantationFREE
Implant+surgery+abutment (ALPHA BIO) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)580
Implant+surgery+abutment (BİLİMPLANT) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)450
Implant+surgery+abutment (XIVE DENTSPLY) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)740
Implant+surgery+abutment (NOBEL BIOCARE) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)780
Implant+surgery+abutment (STRAUMANN) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)800
Polishing and Descaling50
Tooth Bleaching with Plasma300
Laminate Veneer(emax)295
Laminate All Ceramic Veneer(zirconia)245
Sinus lifting (one quadrant)400
Precision Attachment Retained Removable Partial Denture1200
Clasp Retained Removable Partial Denture900
Temporary Crown (at clinic)FREE
Porcelaine fused to metal crown(CoCr)145
All-ceramic crown(zirconia)245
Price of the full mouth rehabiltation with implant + overdenture cemented prosthesis(12 Alpha Bio implant and 24 porcelaine fused to metal crown)10440
Removable Denture900
Calculate your treatment!
Calculate your treatment!
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  • Panoramic Graphy
  • Tooth extraction for implantation
  • Implant+surgery+abutment (ALPHA BIO) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)
    € 580
  • Implant+surgery+abutment (BİLİMPLANT) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)
    € 450
  • Implant+surgery+abutment (XIVE DENTSPLY) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)
    € 740
  • Implant+surgery+abutment (NOBEL BIOCARE) Lifetime Warranty (ALL INCLUDED)
    € 780
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