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    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Having a beautiful smile allows you to feel good, to have self-confidence and to facilitate social and professional relationships. This inevitably goes through a beautiful white teeth. Generally not serious, the yellowing of the teeth can still be annoying and quickly spoil the aesthetic appearance of the face. Different factors contribute to stain or yellow teeth, these factors can be either internal (related to heredity, ’age, use of drugs, a certain tooth pathology) or external (related to the way of life, diet, hygiene, consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, etc.) It is therefore essential to identify the root cause of the change in the color of the teeth before being able to proceed to the appropriate treatment.

    fashionable-young-beautiful-african-woman-with-posing-black-leather-jacketWhat is tooth whitening ?

    Teeth whitening aims to lighten affected teeth with pronounced coloring, to make them brighter and whiter through the application of a (specific) gel. During the treatment, it is important to get as close as possible to the natural shade of the teeth so that it is in harmony with the entire face. The aesthetic treatment will help you achieve a perfect smile.

    Whitening in the dental office

    An oral check-up is required before any treatment. Your dental surgeon will make the choice of dental whitening treatment after checking the absence of contraindications (untreated cavities, devitalized teeth, gum irritation, etc.)

    Teeth whitening is a lasting and painless technique. After protecting the gums, a gel is applied to the tooth enamel. This gel, stimulated by the action of a lamp, enlarges the pores of the enamel, to allow the product to quickly penetrate inside the tooth to depigment it.

    Tips after teeth whitening :

    A slight transient sensitivity can sometimes appear and last about 48 hours. The consumption of drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine is not recommended in the days following treatment.

    The result of whitening lasts on average 2 years depending on the patient’s lifestyle. No technique can guarantee white teeth forever, but teeth whitening is a good compromise by being a long-lasting treatment, it must be renewed regularly.

    During the first consultation, your dentist will tell you the cost of the whitening adapted to your needs to quickly regain the shine of your teeth.

    Some tips for whiter teeth :close-up-portrait-handsome-young-man-wearing-protective-eyewear-getting-teeth-filling-done-dental-clinic-professionalism-safety-healthcare-medicine-smile-treatment-dentistry

    Have teeth scaled every 6 months
    Have your gums checked regularly
    Stop smoking or reduce your consumption
    Limit foods that stain your teeth if possible
    Rinse your mouth with a glass of water after consuming coffee or tea

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