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    All the dental implants that we offer to our patients are globally recognized brands and their success has been clinically proven for years. During the installation, the traceability labels of the implants will be stuck on the patient care passport, the latter will act as a guarantee of origin. Thanks to this document, it will be much easier to trace and monitor the implant system chosen over time.

    There are different dental implant companies on the market, it would be wrong to assume that they are of the same quality and most importantly, that all companies offer the same support. Let us simply remember that the lifespan of implants is very long and that it is important that a company last as long as the implants it distributes. We believe that by working with world-renowned companies, you can be assured of accessibility to these components in the future, anywhere in the world.

    The work of a dental surgeon begins with the placement of implants and ends with the placement of crowns on the implant. There can sometimes, but very rarely, be a rejection of the dental implant, within 3 months of placement. In the event of rejection, the smileydent .com team undertakes to pay for the replacement of the dental implant at no cost to you. The guarantees of implants performed also cover mechanical incidents, such as cracking or breakage after installation.

    Guarantee of a dental implant : for life

    Warranty for zirconia and ceramic metal crowns (individual crowns or dental bridges) : 5 years

    Guarantee of a dental veneer : 5 years

    Guarantee of a composite treatment : 2 years


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