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    Dental Veneer

    Dental Veneer

    General information on dental veneer

    A dental veneer is a prosthesis in the form of a thin lamella which sticks to the surface of the tooth.

    It is made to measure in such a way as to offer an ideal shape, size, shade, it looks like the enamel of the tooth in every way. Dental veneers are made of ceramic, this biocompatible material allows perfect reflection of light, which gives the veneer the most natural results possible. They offer an aesthetic result and a perfect natural appearance, this due to the absence of metal and the material of manufacture. They are also very resistant with a long lifespan.

    The advantage of a veneer is that the preparation is less important than for a traditional crown. Only a micro-abrasion of the tooth is performed and the tooth remains alive. Thanks to its advantages, we can solve different problems with a dental veneer. The wear and color of teeth associated with aging can be corrected by the veneers, in order to find a harmonious smile with the ideal appearance. They also make it easy and quick to restore front teeth. For example in cases where the teeth are shorter due to bruxism, abnormalities in size or shape, slight malposition and misalignments, can quickly be corrected by dental veneers.

    Dental veneers are a great alternative to tooth whitening. Indeed the ceramic of which they are composed does not change over time. The whiteness of your teeth is then permanent, which is not the case with whitening. This technique only concerns visible teeth; incisors and canines, sometimes the premolars and gives optimal aesthetics

    Several brands exist on the market; lumineers, emax, etc ... there are some that offer skin veneers, they measure less than 3 mm and this fineness facilitates their installation.

    For several years, patients have been more and more concerned with displaying a beautiful smile, which explains the growing success of dental veneers. Of course, the price of these revolutionary advances remains high, but it must be remembered that it remains a personal investment in the long term. They cost between 630 £ / 700 € and 1100 £ / 1200 € in Europe depending on the dentist. However with the prices charged (from 220 £ / 245 € to 250 £ / 275 €) in our clinic smileydent.com , you can save up to 65%.


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