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    Dental Tourism

    Dental Tourism

    Dental tourism in Turkey attracts more and more patients every year, thanks to dental care practiced with advanced technologies and materials developed by competent professionals. These treatments are offered to patients at very attractive prices, without forgetting the advantageous exchange rate of the euro against Turkish lira.
    The clinic smileydent.com which is located in Kadikoy, takes care of its patients in a pleasant and comforting environment, with modern equipment and highly experienced dental surgeons for an international clientele. Our clinic offers personalized support, a full range of high-end dental services to give you the smile you have always dreamed of.
    Our dental surgeons support you in the reconstruction of your dental capital via dental implants, dental veneers, tooth whitening, dental crowns and / or other treatments. Indeed, beyond the price of care, the big difference is made on the availability and responsiveness of the staff. Thanks to their excellent mastery of the entire course of care, you can have your dental care carried out without worrying in a climate of confidence.
    At the same time, patients who make the decision to have their dental treatment done in Istanbul benefit from a getaway to one of the world’s largest cities and discover the wonders of Istanbul. The experience of dental travel with the Smileydent team offers you the possibility of a stay both medical which allows you to benefit from high quality and inexpensive dental implant care, and at the same time cultural which you allows you to discover Turkey, the cradle of civilizations.
    4 main reasons for choosing smileydent.com for your care:
    The price of dental care when the Europeans are questioned, a third declares having already given up on treatment for lack of financial means and they first mention the dentist and dental prostheses. The prices charged in Europe therefore seem to be an obstacle to access to care, and are correlated with the decision to provide care abroad. With the prices that smileydent.com offers you, even with the cost of travel, the overall dental treatment budget is always very advantageous as soon as the treatment exceeds 2 or 3 implants, 4 or 5 crowns or equivalent.

    Quality and safety of care The recurring argument that one opposes to a dental tourism trip concerns quality. It is the favorite weapon of opposing dentists, who raise the specter of infections and complications of all kinds. But when we question the main stakeholders, patients who have completed their dental treatment at smileydent.com, they express a very high level of satisfaction, with regard to their experience and the result. The use of ultra modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment and high-end materials is the guarantee of our efficiency.

    The duration of dental treatment Once the pictures, the panoramic X-rays and the diagram of your dentition are sent to the clinic, smileydent.com establishes its estimate on the same criteria as in France. On site, the care provided is generally completed in a maximum of one week, depending on the patient’s needs. 3 to 6 months after placing the implants, a second session should be planned for the creation of crowns, the dental prosthetic part. Our smileydent.com clinic employs a guide responsible for welcoming you and guiding you in French and English during your entire dental stay.

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