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Implants and Prosthesis

Can I immediately put my prostheses after implantation of the implants?T-50

It takes at least 3 months to ensure the integration of dental implants with the bone. During this time, the load on the implants must be minimal. However, during this process, if appropriate, temporary prostheses can be made depending on the case. In some cases, if the bone allows it is even possible to put a fixed prosthesis temporarily.


How are prostheses fixed on implants?

Dental prostheses can be fixed in three ways on dental implants.


a) Dental crown cemented


b) Oclusally screwed prosthesis (all-on-4 or all-on-6)


c) Clipped prosthesis


What material is used for crowns?

Most of the base of the dental crowns and dental bridges are made of metal and are covered by a ceramic color compatible with natural teeth.


The high quality aesthetic alternative for the base is zirconia. Zirconium ceramic is particularly suitable for implant-supported prostheses because of its high strength. It is also preferable for cosmetic dentistry.


It is suitable for single tooth crowns and also for longer bridges and reflects the light exactly like tooth enamel. This means that the dental prosthesis is really identical to natural teeth.


T-6Can I chew normally with an implant-supported prosthesis?

Whether you have a dental implant-supported crown or bridge, or a dental prosthesis; you will be able to chew, talk and laugh as well as with your own teeth. As your prosthesis will be loaded heavily on your dental implants, you can feel safe.


What we can advise our patients is to eat the first month slowly, because when your bite changes, so does your eating habits. At the end of a month, your cortex will get used and you will even forget that you have new teeth with dental implant.


Sentiment of foreign matter

Can I feel the implant-supported teeth as my own teeth or would I feel like I have foreign matter in my mouth?

Implant-supported teeth give a pretty natural feeling when talking, chewing and laughing. You will not feel any difference with fixed dental prostheses.


Can dental implants be implanted right after tooth extraction?

Yes. This is possible nowadays. The dental surgeon can install the implant in the fresh extraction gap following the extraction of the tooth. This technique is called immediate loading.


Immediate loading

What exactly does "immediate loading" mean and can it be possible for me?

The normal plan for implant-supported teeth, includes a recovery process without load on top of implant installation.


In this operation, the toothless gap is provisionally fenced with a conventional prosthesis normally attached to adjacent teeth. Nevertheless, in the immediate loading, new systems and implant methods are used that allow under specific conditions, the fixation of the prosthesis or the temporary prosthesis to the implants during the same session.


Thus patients can benefit on the same day of their implants and teeth with natural appearance, fixed on the implants. The applicability for you of the immediate loading, will depend on the situation of the bone on your jaw and the position of the implants. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist if this technique is possible for you.


Do I need to remove an implant-supported prosthesis at night?T-62

A removable prosthesis must be removed at night because it can move during sleep and clog the digestive or respiratory tract. An implant-supported prosthesis is normally attached to its location and can be left in place at night without creating any danger. Your dental technician will advise you on this. You just have to ask. 


Will I be without teeth during the treatment and recovery process?

No. If you used a removable prosthesis before treatment, usually only a simple correction will be necessary for you to continue using this dental prosthesis. If you do not have a mobile prosthesis that you used before, your dentist can still prepare you a new one.


In some cases even fixation to implants at the same session may be possible. For temporary prostheses requiring such long-term uses, there are also solutions with really good aesthetic that you can not understand the difference with your own teeth.

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