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Implants and Diseases

  • Can I have dental implants even if I am diabetic?

    Yes. Nevertheless, your diabetes needs to be under control. Diabetes out of control or untreated can have a negative effect on the recovery process because of metabolic reasons. If you have any doubt, your dentist will need documents from your doctor.


    After dental surgery, can implants affect my heart?

    No. Implants do not have an electromagnetic effect. They can not influence the operation of your heart cell in any way.

  • Can we be allergic to dental implants?

    Dental implants have been used for more than 40 years. During this long period, no known allergic situation against titanium implants is observed. Titanium contains no allergic components and is totally ineffective in the body.

    Among all the materials used for crowns and bridges, ceramic is the material that has the highest compatibility with the body. The risks of allergy are different for metals and plastics. Ask your dentist for the most appropriate material for you.

    Is there a risk for the body to reject the implants?

    Implants are made of materials that do not have any side effects for the body and are studied and tested for many years.

    Dental implants are made of grade 4 and 5 titanium and are compatible with the body.

    Titanium grade 4 and 5 is titanium used in the medical sector (such as dental implants, thigh and knee prostheses)

  • Are there any diseases that can hinder implant application?

    Not really. If you have an important general condition such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, bleeding tendency, or poor immune system, you should inform your dentist. In some cases, the side effects of medications can influence the recovery process.


    Therefore your dentist should be aware of the medications you use regularly. Your dentist will make suggestions on what to do and will help you make a decision based on your condition.

  • Is there any interaction with the drugs?

    It is possible for some drugs. For example, cortisone can cause changes in body metabolism and the immune system, and problems with recovery can occur.


    Drugs that prevent coagulation can cause serious bleeding during the installation of dental implants. If you have to use regular medications, talk to your dentist.

  • Can dental implants be offered to smokers?

    The long-term success rate of dental implants can be endangered by tobacco use. Consult your dentist. He can tell you the risks.


    Is implant application at an older age is contraindicated?

    It’s never too late to increase your quality of life with dental implants. The risk of treatment is so minimal that implants can be applied to patients aged 70, 80 and even 90 years old. There is no upper age limit.


    If you are in the right state for any other dental treatment and if your condition allows, you can have dental implants.

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