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Implants and Aches

Implants and Aches
  • Would I have any aches after the operation.

    Your gums will be a little sensitive in the first few days after the operation but they will not bleed anymore. Your cheek may have oedema for a short time and may give you a feeling of discomfort.  

    Nevertheless, most patients will not need to take a painkiller the next day and will be able to return to their normal lives.

  • Ambulatory Treatment Operation

    Is the implant application really an ambulatory treatment operation?

    Yes. The dental surgeon who puts your implant works without creating trauma and thus several dental implants can be applied in a single session and with the procedure of ambulatory treatment.

  • Anesthesia

    Is general anesthesia really not necessary for implantation of the implant?

    No. Local anesthesia can completely prevent any pain. When preparing the implant area on the bone and when implanting the dental implant, you will feel oscillation and low pressure but no pain.


    For most patients, this operation is felt as a normal treatment of tooth decay applied under local anesthesia. Nevertheless, if you want to "sleep" during treatment, your dentist can explain the peculiarities of general anesthesia.

  • Do you feel pain when putting the implant?

    You do not feel any pain when putting the implant if the proper methods of anesthesia are applied. The harm that can be felt on the evening, can be an evil that will pass easily if you take painkillers.

    Many patients say that it is the same as the pain experienced after a normal tooth extraction. 

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