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Benefits of dental tourism

We can summarize the benefits of dental tourism in 4 points. The cost, quality, duration and beauty of Istanbul.

Cost: In Turkey, doctors have very good training either at university or at courses, but they practice their profession cheaper. If you do detailed research, you will see that the cost can sometimes reduce to 1/4 of Europe prices. In fact it is not us who has cheaper prices, it is the dentists of Europe who have exaggerated prices.

Quality: Because we offer you products of very good quality. Often implants and crowns quality is better than what they offer you in Europe. Because we have one chance to satisfy you and we have to do that.

Duration: We hear from our patients that in Europe in each session dentists pratice only 2 or 3 implants. So for edentulous patients, the total treatment takes about 2 years. Whatever is the number of implants and crowns we are going to put, in our clinic we promise you that your care will not last more than 12 days in total and most of our patients come twice for 10 days in total. But there are also faster and easier methods, for more information please contact us.

Istanbul: Istanbul, Constantinople, the old city that aligns Asia and Europe with three huge bridges. As soon as you take your first steps to the airport, you will feel the story in your veins.

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