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  • Is the implant treatment reliable and long-lasting?

    With the developments achieved as a result of work on the characteristics of materials and surfaces, dental implants nowadays are quite reliable and of good quality.

  • Can the implant be applied in every case?

    If one or more teeth are missing, the implant can be put in every case if there is a bone tissue capable of receiving the dental implant.

  • Can the implant be set on every patient?

    Implant screws are structures with a certain diameter and size. For this reason, the bone of the jaw must have a height and a width adapted to receive the dental implant screw in the area intended for implantation of the implant.

    The quality of the bone is also an important factor that influence the success of the surgery.

  • What is the life of an implant?

    After the recovery phase, a good quality implant properly put, will withstand the damaging effects much better than the natural tooth root. A titanium implant activated correctly will not be broken. It will not decay either.

    Regular oral maintenance will allow your gums and implant area to be kept in a healthy manner. With proper maintenance, your dental implants can last a lifetime.

  • How would I care for my implant-supported teeth?

    Implant dentures does not only look like natural teeth, but they can also be cleaned as easily as natural teeth with a toothbrush -including electric toothbrushes- and with toothpaste. When cleaning, voids between the teeth and gums are very important.

    These areas are ideal for the colonization of the harmful bacterias to the gums and can over time have an effect on the bone around the implant. This situation can be avoided by flossing or by small brushes made for the teeth.

    Your dentist will explain how to use these instruments and will perform a professional dental cleaning operation at regular intervals. With this operation, the plaque of bacteria will be removed and your teeth will always look good as new teeth. You must visit your dentist at regular intervals for the prophylaxis operation. It will worth it.

  • Can I still do exercises and sport after implants?

    Doing exercises after applying the dental implant is not a problem. However, if you are involved in activities that include dynamic movements, you should first consult your dentist.

    A few days of rest may be advisable to prevent the recovery process from being influenced.

  • Will I be without teeth during the treatment and recovery process?

    No. If you used a removable prosthesis before treatment, usually only a simple correction will be necessary for you to continue using this prosthesis. If you do not have a mobile prosthesis that you used before, in two or three days, the dentist can prepare a new one.

    In some cases even fixation to implants at the same session may be possible.

  • When can I return to work?

    In general, you will be able to continue your normal life the day after the operation and you can return to work in a few days. 

  • Is there anything else that I should be worried?

    In short: no. Imagine your dental implants as a natural part of your body. You can do exercises, talk, chew, laugh and continue to live as if nothing was wrong.

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