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General information on dental veneer

T-16Porcelain veneers are sometimes the best choice for a beautiful smile. They are applicable only on natural teeth and they serve to correct small problems in shape and color. The advantage of the veneers are not to cut the tooth much like the application of crowns.

Ceramic dental veneers

The ceramic veneers makes it possible to correct the shape of teeth, fill in the gaps and restore their initial length to worn teeth.

Ceramic dental veneers are molded directly onto existing teeth, their shape is first tested on a molding, this procedure is to perfect the work.

Ceramic dental veneers will be made in two types.

a) Dental zirconia veneers

b) Dental veneers in emax.

PS: There is also a veneer technique that is made of feldspatic porcelain. In this type, the tooth will not be prepared.

The dental veneers, you see it!T-23
FALSE! Previously, veneers were made opaque and thick. But dental aesthetics has evolved a lot in recent years. Currently, high-tech processes make it possible to fabricate dental veneers that perfectly match the shape of your teeth and gums. They are made to measure specifically many factors, such as the shape of the face and that of the lips and the color of the skin. The dental porcelain veneer look completely natural and will give you a real star smile in the blink of an eye!

I’m not a movie star, I do not need veneers
FALSE! First impressions may be the last. Research shows that a smile is one of the first things you notice during a meeting. Your smile is in the center of your face – you can’t hide it! With the dental veneers, you feel more confident and this makes difference just in 60 minutes.

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