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Dental Implant

dental-implantNowadays, dental implants are indisputably the best alternative for natural teeth.
They provide a better function for talking and chewing compared to traditional bridges and prostheses, and also provide a natural look on your face.

What is the dental implant?
The dental implant, is an artificial tooth root made of titanium or zirconia, screw into the jaw bone to ensure again, the functions and aesthetics of the missing teeth.

In which cases does implant treatment provide an advantage?

Patients who have lost all the teeth on the lower jaw and wear a mobile prosthesis often prefer to orient themselves to dental implants.

These patients constantly complain for the ache and of not being able to chew well because of the mobilities of the removable prosthesis. Over time, these complaints multiply even more depending on the lost of the bone tissue that supports the prosthesis. For this type of patient, the implant treatment removes all the complaints and prevents the lose of the bone and the gum.

The dental implant treatment is also beneficial for patients who have lost all of the teeth on the upper and lower jaw that use mobile prostheses.

Although removable upper jaw prostheses are more stable than lower jaw prostheses, the part of the prosthesis completely covers the palate, and this will decrease the feeling of taste and causing nausea. But with dental crowns fixed only to implants, this problem is easy to solve.
This treatment is also practicable in some parts of the jaw where there are several missing teeth. Patients with these kinds of problems often complain about the doctors cut of their healthy teeth for bridges.

multi-teeth-dental-implant1Or those who have removable prostheses, complain often about the metal hooks that are neither aesthetic nor good for healthy teeth (because they cause mobility over time). In these cases bridge crowns fixed on dental implants are always the best solution.

The patient who has lost a single tooth can also opt for implant treatment. In this case too, instead of sacrificing two adjacent teeth for bridge crown, with a single implant and a single crown, the care will be finished without any damage to the other teeth.

So the benefits of implant treatment will be:
+ Better chewing
+ Better aesthetics
+ A happier social life with the restoration of self-confidence
+ To be able to eat everything and consequently having a healthier and regular nutrition.

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