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Dental Crown

General information on dental crowns
What is the dental crown?
A dental crown is the part of the tooth we see when we look at the mirror. It is recommended when the tooth is decayed, broken, damaged, badly formed or when it has a bad color. In this case, the tooth will be prepared and a ceramic crown will cover it. Dental crowns have been used in dentistry for a very long time and have two types that are frequently proposed: zirconia fused to porcelain dental crowns(full ceramic) and metal fused to porcelain dental crowns. Both are suitable on the natural tooth and the dental implant.

What is dental bridge?
Dental bridge is a form of dental crown. When you miss a tooth and you still have teeth nearby, instead of implant, you can opt for the dental bridge solution. In this case, the dentist will prepare the neighboring teeth and put a bridge crown. The bridge can contain 3 or more crowns. For example if you miss two consecutive teeth, the bridge will be consisted of 4 crowns.

couronne1 It is also possible to make dental bridges with free end. This technique can be considered as balconies. If you have two solid teeth consecutive and you miss a third, you cut both teeth and extend the third. Free-ending dental bridges can tolerate only a single tooth. You can not extend the bridge to the fourth.

There are two types of crown frequently used. The one that is the most aesthetic and biocompatible is the zirconia fused to porcelain crown. Then there is the metal fused to porcelain crown that can also be called traditional crown.

What are the steps to put a dental crown?
To be able to put a dental crown, it is necessary first to cut the tooth perfectly for a better impression. The preparation of a single tooth takes approximately 4-5 minutes. In the second stage, the dentist will take the impression of the prepared tooth. Then, to record the distance between the prepared tooth and its antagonist, doctor will use a pink wax. When these three steps are finished, against a mirror, the patient will choose the color he/she prefers for his dental crown. Then, so that the patient does not stay without a tooth for a few days, the doctor will prepare a temporary crown from acrylate. In 5 days, a metal fused to porcelain crown will be ready to cementation. If the patient wants a full ceramic crown, the procedure will take 6 days because the zirconia fused to porcelain crowns require high technology (CAD-CAM) and time.

What is the duration of a dental crown?
If a metal fused to porcelain crown or a zirconia crown is well made, they can last 15 to 20 years. If the patient doesn’t have the ideal oral hygiene and occlusion, the life of the dental prosthesis will be inevitably shorter.

How to maintain dental crowns?
After cementing zirconia crowns or metal fused to porcelain crowns, you may experience sensitivities when you drink hot and cold drinks. This may continue 2 to 4 weeks. For bridges, it is recommended to use dental water jets so that food does not accumulate under the dental bridges.

Why chosing us for dental crowns?


In several countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, England etc. the unit price of a metal fused to porcelain crowns costs 450-550€ and it takes more than a month to put. When the patient asks for zirconia crowns, the price increases to 800-1000 € and the preparation takes more time too. In our medical center, dental crowns can be placed cheaper and faster. The metal fused to porcelain crown costs 145€ and the zirconia crown 245€. So at you save up to 70%. Finishing a metal fused to porcelaine crowns takes 5 days and the zirconia crown takes 6 days.

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