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Cosmetic and Hygiene

Maintenance of teeth

How would I care my implant-supported teeth?

Implant-supported teeth does not only look like natural teeth, but at the same time they can be cleaned as easily as natural teeth with a toothbrush - including electric toothbrushes - and with toothpaste.

When cleaning implants, voids between the teeth and areas of passage to the gums are particularly important. These areas are colonized by harmful bacteria to the gums and can over time have an effect on the bone around the implant.

This situation can be avoided by flossing or by small brushes made for the teeth. Your dentist’s team will explain how to use these instruments and will perform a professional dental cleaning operation at regular intervals.

With this operation, the plaque of bacteria will be removed and your teeth will always look good as new teeth. You must visit your dentist at regular intervals for the maintenance. It will worth it.


  • I need some implants but at the same time I want my teeth to be whiter or more attractive. What can my dentist do about it?

    Your dentist can quite often whiten teeth that have become dark. Your unattractive front teeth may be covered by plastic or thin ceramic called "dental veneer".

    The dental crowns attached to your implants will be brighter from the beginning or the new dental form will be appropriately modified. Your dentist can offer a solution for almost every problem.

  • + Better chewing

    + Better aesthetics

    + A happier social life with the restoration of self-confidence

    + To be able to eat everything and consequently a healthier and regular diet

    + Preventing bone resorption

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