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Bone Grafting

This is the procedure that doctor performs to repair the bone (often because of periodontal diseases or dental infections or trauma). After a certain period of healing and integration, the bone gains its volume and this part of the jaw becomes suitable for the integration of dental implants.

Powder bone grafts can be used also in these following cases:

-The bone does not have an ideal width and diameter in all patients. When the implant is placed sometimes there will be parts of the implant exposed, for these exposed parts also the bone graft will be necessary. Thanks to this transplant, these open parts will be reconstituted during healing and the integration of the implant will be better.

Bone graft

Frequent Questions

When is the bone graft needed?

If there isn’t large bone on the jaw and if it there isn’t any natural chewing done with these part of the jaw, the bone atrophies gradually and narrows. This resembles the narrowing of a muscle that is no longer used. Some bacteria can also destroy the bone as well.

This is called "periodontitis" which is the inflammatory disease of the gum tissue. If the bone has weakened or thinned and an implant can not be installed in this bone, your dentist will suggest the application of a bone graft. The bone tissue is restored as minimally traumatically as possible with bone tissue borrowed from another part of the body or with artificial bone material. Very frequently, a bone taken from a different area is used together with artificial bone materials. 

The graft material is layered directly on the bone and over time the body turns this into a strong bone tissue. With this method, the bone can be enlarged or elevated. The bone at the back of the upper jaw can usually be gained by a "sinus lifting" operation. This operation avoids the sinus droop down. Bone grafting can be done, as it is often the case, during implantation of the implant. However, for other cases, external lifting procedure may be necessary as well.

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