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All On Four

What is the All on 4 concept?All-on-4 Dental Implants

The concept treatment all on 4 is created and developed in 2003 by doctor Malo and his friends for the patients who have severe bone lost on the posterior sector of their mouth. With 4 to 6 implant, you can fix the prosthesis to the mouth of the patient. This concept has a very good clinical success and it allows the patients have their provisory dentures fixed in the day of surgery.


Who can benefit from this treatment? 

This concept s offered to the edentulous patients who hasn’t enough bone on the posterior sector. If the patients has still one or two teeth in his jaw, this concept can’t be used.


What should you do after having this treatment?

The patients who started this treatment should use the medicine their doctors gave them and with their fixed provisory prosthesis, they should avoid chewing hard foods. In three months, after having their permanent fixed prosthesis, they can start eating like before. If they ever see a crack in their provisory or permanent prosthesis, they should contact their doctor as fast as possible. So that this break will not cause to implant loss.


What are the advantages of All On 4 concept? 

  • It is a treatment with high success rate.
  • It helps preventing the bone loss.
  • Treatment and healing phases are short and painless.
  • Since you can put the provisory prosthesis in the day of surgery(if the patient fits the requirement) it is comfortable and less traumatic for the patient.
  • It restore the functions of speaking and chewing.
  • It is way more comfortable for a patient who has used removable dentures for long time.
  • The patient regain its self-confidence by the help of its esthetical contribution.



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